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Honest to a Fault

If you don’t like my version of the truth, go listen to someone else.

My grandmother used to say to me, “Jenny – you’re honest to a fault.” And I’d say. “So?!” And then she’d say, “That’s exactly what I mean.” And I’d walk away confused as ever. That was then. Today – I’m older and wiser and stuff.

I’ve always been direct and blunt and straightforward. I don’t know how to be different or communicate differently. I’ve tried and didn’t recognize myself. So, I learned to appreciate myself for who and what I am, even when plenty of others don’t, won’t or just can’t. I’m okay with that. I don’t need everybody to like me. That said, I did have an odd experience a couple of days ago.

I was a member on a sober recovery forum that is 12 Step based and I got banned for being “brutally” blunt. I took what the OP (original poster) had written and used part of it in my reply to her and offered her no sympathy. She’s exactly where she put herself – in a situation she helped create – due to choices she made. Why sugarcoat the obvious? Why sugarcoat anything at all? If someone wants some sugar they should go buy some. Or eat a cookie. Or whatever.

So, because I didn’t offer this woman a sugarcoated vessel of support – I got excused from offering my insight. Granted, I’d been warned before, but I’m not about to walk on eggshells with my words just because the truth is too confrontational for some folks. Yes, delivery counts for a lot, but I don’t care whether or not people agree with my delivery. Did what I say or write reflect the truth or not? That’s it. Take it or leave it. I speak/write the truth as I see it. Not as Tom, Dick, Jane or Doris-Kay sees it. I shoot from the hip. There’s no other way to communicate that is acceptable to me.

Let’s just cut through the bull shit and call it like we see it. How much time would that save on a daily basis? Over a lifetime?

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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