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Aliens Are Here

At least they were in my dream.

I remember that at first everyone was afraid and hiding, partly due to the fact that these aliens were invisible. We knew they were in the air, but we couldn’t see them. When they arrived, they turned the sky a light pale pink color. And they weren’t just in specific areas – they saturated Earth’s atmosphere.

Folks hid anywhere they could think of; stores, under cars, in cars, at home, at work, at school – everywhere. I was hiding with a cat in an old civilian Scout vehicle. (My dad had one of these when I was little.) I’d thrown a blanket over the outside of the windshield to offer myself some privacy. I was using the vehicle as a residence – it was full of clothes and whatnot. At one point – I opened the passenger front door to go out and some strange woman stood outside the door. “Can I help you?” I asked. “I want your parking space.” She answered.

Someone else standing a few feet away overheard her and immediately barked, “You can’t have her spot. She just parked there a couple of hours ago.” My eyes did not waver from this woman. “I am not moving my car. Go find your own parking spot.” She didn’t say another word. As I walked away, I noticed bulldozers in the distance flattening large mounds of earth just outside town. And I realized they were flattening the ground so that civilians could go stand out there to watch what was going on. Except nothing really seemed to be going on. The sky was pale pink, but other than that – nothing had really changed, except for this palpable awareness that we had company.

I’m not sure how everyone knew that the pink sky meant aliens had arrived, but we all knew. And eventually – everyone stopped hiding and started sort of creeping around. Ever cautious.

At one point I went to a family’s home with this cat to drop of an emerald green sculpture/artifact of some kind. I don’t recall what it looked like, but it was small and fit in my hand. I was letting this family look after it for – some weird reason. When I went back to retrieve it, they’d accidently broken it in half and I was south of pissed off. I was so angry about it that I started taking swings at the patriarch of this family. He was a 70 something older man, but healthy and still strong. I was taking swings at him from the side of my right fist. I’d pull my arm in toward my chest and then swing it out right up against his face. And it landed exactly where I wanted it to each time. But he never tried to hit back and I finally left.

After that the dream changed and I was seated with a woman who, I believe, had been a news anchor before the aliens arrived. We didn’t know each other and she was deeply saddened by something – so much so – that I could feel her pain. She was seated at the head of a white conference table and her grief felt as vast as an ocean. Lots of sad. And I could feel all of it. And I got really sad. And I asked her, “What is going on? Why are you so sad?”

“We’re all going to die.” She said.

“Wait, what?”

“We have about two days. That’s it.”

“Well, how on earth do you know that?” I asked.

She couldn’t tell me. She couldn’t tell me how we were all going to die either.

“Well. This is a bummer. I’m not prepared for that!.”

“No one is.” She said. “No one knows.”

And I frantically thought, Aliens are totally welcome here to come visit and stuff. I’m a hospitable person. But they can’t KILL us! We live down here! This is our home! We don’t have anywhere else to go! And then I was overcome with my own grief. I wasn’t ready to die yet, I still had stuff to do. I wasn’t even concerned with HOW we were all going to die, I just wasn’t ready to stop being ME yet.

And then I woke up. It’s interesting how feelings from dreams can linger … I wonder if our spirits experience any sort of shock when we die. Especially when we die violently or suddenly. Not only is the planet our home, but so are our bodies. We live in these things.

Hm. Well … my coffee sure is good today!! 🙂

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