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Grossly Negligent

Why is it so easy for some folks to instantly accept and believe people they respect without questioning them? Why does someone’s title make them an authority on a subject they’ve never even experienced first hand before? Why are we so timid sometimes when it comes to voicing our own beliefs and opinions and standing up for ourselves? What do we have to lose by speaking our truths? Wouldn’t this be an example of self-care in action?

What is so hard about being authentic? Is it that most of us don’t truly know ourselves because we’ve accepted society’s image of us? Is it that we’ve allowed ourselves to be molded rather than becoming the sculptor of our own lives?

It’s sorta sad. I don’t really get it. I realized a long long time ago that my school friends were WAY off when they tried to categorize and define me. I rebelled and shot them down (not literally – I used my words). Since then, I’ve always taken the position that NOBODY is going to tell me who I am. Ever. Not my friends, not my boyfriend, not a doctor or a therapist, not my family, not even my parents. I’m the only one occupying this body and this mind. I get to decide who I want to be and then I get to be that person with respect to the truth. I am an honorable woman. I am a woman of integrity. I am sober. I am compassionate. I am smart. These sorts of qualities comprise parts of my persona.

Everybody has this power. This gift – to define themselves by becoming who they choose to be.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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