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Worms Are Squishy


They’re spirit guides (in addition to other things like bird snacks) – did you know that? Not permanently of course because spirit guides are always changing (spirit guides come and go as opposed to our spirit totem and guardian angel, who hang out with us for the duration).

Apparently, right now, I’m being guided by the Worm spirit guide. This one totally escaped me and I had to google it. According to both and, the earthworm is our personal spiritual groundskeeper. Not only does this little dude/ette nourish the earth, it brings us nourishment from the earth. Pretty corncoolio, eh? I just so happen to like and appreciate the earth. It’s righteous.

It is suggested that when worm pops into our lives (it does this by repeatedly showing up or being noticed by us) that we act on it’s presence by interacting with the earth. Getting down and dirty so-to-speak. Do a little gardening. Plant some stuff. Dig up some stuff. You get the idea. The earth is alive – it’s not just a spinning rock out in space. By interacting with the planet, literally on our hands and knees, we glean energy and nourishment from the earth directly. Now how sweet is that?

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to pull this off though – I live on the second floor and don’t have a yard or garden…

This squishy little worm is also to remind us of water sources, and to be mindful of just how limited our fresh water sources are. We’ve only got so much, and it’s crucial to put it into our bodies. Throughout the day. Even when we aren’t feeling thirsty.

And finally, Worm represents – among a few other things that I’ll leave out for you to discover on your own – a pivotal point in one’s healing and regeneration. This is a particularly fascinating word when it’s applied to humans and how it works in our lives – because it does. It’s actually quite miraculous. Not only can and do we regenerate parts of our bodies that are tangible, we regenerate our feelings, emotions and thoughts. There are other words for this, but these things are, in fact, regenerating.

Published by Jennifer

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