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Chapter 4 continued …

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The following is an excerpt from my memoir.

Mostly, I spoke to Dick like this because I was impressed by the insanity of his answers and I wanted to hear him repeat them. He’d say something like, “I can imagine who you are and what you’re like when you’re sober, and that’s the woman I love.” This guy didn’t have a creative imaginative bone in his body. I could only imagine who this mystery woman might be.

It’s important to note here that Dick was not an alcoholic. He was a diabetic, and if he hadn’t been, at the very least, he would have, in my opinion, been a very heavy drinker. He loved his expensive vodka and there was always a bottle in our house. While this came in very hand on the occasions that I’d run out of my own alcohol, I never did polish off his vodka. I preferred wine.

About a month into our new living arrangement – the one where I moved in with him at his house – I decided Dick needed to make some changes. For all the wine I drank before he got in from work, I was never drunk enough to muster the patience to listen to him complain about his job, which he did, without fail, every miserable night. I finally told him to quit his job and to find a new one in Seattle, Washington. So he did. And maybe four weeks later – we moved…

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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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