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The Art of ‘Letting Go’

Ever tell someone to do that? Ever say to yourself “I just need to let go.” and then wonder why – after two months – you’re still hurting over it/her/him/whatever? Jeez. How mysteriously annoying!

I’ve said it and had it said to me numerous times. It is a mystery – the pain that refuses to leave. And we’re supposed to go about our days like everything’s fine when it’s not. Why is this so hard for so many people – to ‘let go’?

I think I figured it out – all this ‘letting go’ that we’re supposed to do doesn’t just happen. All this attachment – these feelings we have surrounding the issue – are just sitting inside of us with nowhere to go. So we have to create some kind of an outlet for them. When we do let something go – it has to GO somewhere, right? Feelings don’t just dissolve or drift off like smoke from a chimney.

We can do lots of things to try to assuage these feelings that we’re supposed to be letting go of; we can exercise, overeat, have lots of sex, sleep, sink into depression, relocate, shop, and the list goes on.

We could also cry, scream into a pillow, write letters and set them on fire, and finally accept that healing from anything takes time. When we get the flu, we don’t get better overnight. When we break a bone, it doesn’t heal the next day. So it is with our hearts and emotions. Time is necessary in addition to being gentle with ourselves while we ‘let go’ – of whatever needs to be released.

I could be wrong, but like love – I’m beginning to think that pain wants to be expressed. Not that it knows this – but our emotions might as well be alive for all the power they seem to have over us at times.

Something to think on …

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

6 thoughts on “The Art of ‘Letting Go’

  1. Interesting thoughts. I myself believe in acknowledging the pain instead of trying to run from it. If it takes months to heal, then every day we spend trying not to think about our situation is just going to delay that process. Love this post as it makes me think 🙂

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  2. Of course they have power, they are part of our spirit and soul. Being told to let go is basically bullshit we have to process feelings they do not go away by their own accord, we have to let them into our hearts and soul until they wash us clean or burn through and that takes work, openness and time. How we relate to our feelings make all the difference, pushing them away doesn’t help.. … And some pain may always linger. We are a feeling wounded culture its why addictions are so rife.

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