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Intention Vs Focus

Can I be focused on one thing while my Intention is elsewhere? YES.

I can easily focus on cooking dinner while my intention is to rearrange my living room (again).

I can easily focus on driving my car to the grocery store while my intention is to make it OUT of the store without any chocolate.

I can easily focus on doing things while my intention is to eventually drink alcohol again. This is a trick alcoholics play on themselves. They are tricked by their own desire into prolonging the inevitable – drinking.

Depending on what the intention is – many of us are either successful or unsuccessful in following through with them. Do we go to the gym or watch that movie? Do we avoid drinking or call it a “mistake” or a “slip” and indulge? Do we do what we need to do even though we don’t want to/do we avoid doing what we want to do even though it’s wrong for us or do we throw up our hands when impulse hits (because it usually hits hard) and say “fuck it”?

Until alcoholics learn to turn OFF their intention to drink again – the pressure they feel to drink will remain profound.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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