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I want a teacher who actually recognizes the teaching position and makes him/herself useful that way.

I’ll backtrack to the title of this post. I just left a relationship with a man who was a terrific teacher. He just didn’t realize he was doing it, What I learned the most from this person is that I agree with what I believe. He didn’t teach this to me directly – but through a process of elimination in action.

That he didn’t recognize his teaching position doesn’t negate the value of what I learned. But – it’s not like I could go to him with a question or a concern and expect him to pull some vast wisdom and knowledge out of his backpack. It’s not like he could rummage through it and produce an equation of some sort for me to solve or grasp or DO.

That’s what I want. That’s who I want. Maybe I should just be content with what I have. But but but but … teachers are COOL. And I want one. In human form. One that has a cell phone.

I want to be able to call someone and say “Look. This is where I’m at. Blah blah duh blah blah yada blah.” And then this person replies with something like, “Jennifer. You think too much. Try to start interpreting your environment in ways that don’t utilize your thinking capacity. Or,Jennifer, the value in having a teacher that does not recognize it’s position is this —– there’s no sense of identity attached to it. It is raw and therefore 100% natural and organic. It is pure.” And then I could say, “But what’s the value in THAT?!” And the reply would be something extremely cool that would shut me up and that I could think about all day.

Doesn’t that look Far OUT?!

Where IS this person?

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