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Okay Then. Who Has A Shitty Attitude?!

Perhaps it’s that I find people in general to be most unnecessarily complicated and vexatious. For example – why might someone who indeed does manage to reach sobriety, only then switch their focus onto another drug? I ask thee (anyone) – WHY?

So, to answer my own question since I’m alone with my kittens and coffee, I’ve come to another conclusion – – – – – shitty attitude. That’s what these folks have chosen to turn on. The individual who stops using one drug in favor of another because he or she “can’t stand life” has employed a shitty attitude. And the catch it — they deny it. Is this because they can’t see it or is it because they don’t want to? Hm!!

How aware are these folks that they create their own misery, and that if they can do that – they can also change it…?

I don’t know.

These folks are not crowned with a shitty attitude by someone or something else. No. These folks rolled out of bed and – with not so many words – thought something like “I feel weird and that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like discomfort so I’m going to use a drug to escape even though the drug doesn’t last unless I keep using it and yes, actually – that too makes me feel uncomfortable in a different way. Life sucks .” And they experience this moment without even questioning why they feel this way or how they might alleviate themselves of this cesspool of emotion without absorbing a drug.

How can we ever learn to appreciate life and sobriety if we don’t practice them? Yes – appreciation takes practice.

The reason we’re all down here in the first place is to learn – right? Aren’t we here to learn about each other, the planet, and ourselves? Don’t we learn about ourselves when we learn about one another? I mean, what else are we doing on this spinning ball of energy besides taking up space? We’re tenants here. And the rent is HIGH. And we can be evicted – any one of us – without a seconds heads-up notice.

I think – because I can – that it’s best to use my time wisely and to not take life and all that comes with it for granted. A little appreciation is in order. That’s my attitude.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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