What? Straight From The Bottle?

Drank hand sanitizer

Why do I so this?

I’m going to go to a SMART meeting this evening. I cant seem to stop.
​​​​​​the sanitizer made me throw up so I didn’t even get drunk.

I’m starting my journey today. I’m sick of this.”

Someone posted that in one of the online recovery forums I visit. I didn’t know what to think. At my most disgusting, lowest, gnarly moments of alcoholism, I never drank anything with alcohol in it except a drink. I never drank hand sanitizer, I never drank ZzzQuil, I never drank mouthwash… What have I left off the list?

I’ve seen it done. At my 3rd treatment center, the 12 of us were dropped off at the grocery store once a week to pick up our groceries. We were allowed to shop and cook for ourselves. A new patient had just moved in several days prior and this was her first trip to the store. She was caught red-handed and arrested for drinking a bottle of NyQuil right there in the middle of the aisle. She didn’t even try to sneak it into the bathroom or onto our van. I was dumb-founded and sickened.

She never did come back and everyone talked about it for weeks. I didn’t know what to think much less what to say.

My heart goes out to these people that resort to such depths for the slightest bit of relief. These are the addicts that truly need divine intervention …

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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

2 thoughts on “What? Straight From The Bottle?

  1. Hi RW, thanks for your thoughts here. The lengths some of us will go to is astonishing. While I can’t identify with what these folks did, I know exactly what it feels like to go after my alcohol, regardless the consequences.

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  2. Indeed, those are the very depths of depravity. Those are the machinations of a TRUE alcoholic. A.A. folks often distinguish between the alcoholic, and the problem drinker. I, being the latter, never had much of a taste for alcohol not distilled or fermented.

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