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Who Dreams About Their Old Treatment Center?

Fresh from dreamland.


I had an odd dream about being shown photographs of a birthday cake that said “Thanks for all your hard work LnN.” I’m LumenandNyx on the recovery board I visit and somehow I understood that LnN was me on the birthday cake. Realizing that the staff at the treatment center still remembered me and wrote to me on someone’s cake got me all emotional. While I was studying the cake in the picture, it started to move – like a video. Suddenly, in the background, one of my old treatment centers popped into view and I realized that it was behind me. So are my treatment centers in real life – literally and metaphorically.

I haven’t had a dream that spoke to me so succinctly in a long time. Very cool. My time in treatment centers is behind me. I’m sober, I’m strong, I feel motivated and ambitious. And I’m cautiously thrilled to still be on the planet. Life is sorta weird right now across the planet, especially in my neck of the woods with all the wildfires in addition to the Pandemic, but hey – I’m good.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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