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Chapter 2 – Con’t

Saturation, A Memoir is available on Amazon here:

I still knew quite a few people around Tulsa. All of my old classmates were still in high school. This time, they were seniors. And while they were in class or sleeping under their parent’s roofs, I was working, going to college and living in my own apartment. Through friends, I met Leaf who would later become my oldest son’s daddy. He was also a senior at my old school.

Leaf moved into my apartment with me several months before he graduated from high school and a year after that I became pregnant. We hired a mid-wife and I delivered our son at home shortly after I turned 20. Fast forward a few years and Leaf and I had left Oklahoma for Colorado. We were no longer a couple though we shared joint custody of our son. One day, my son came home from kindergarten and casually announced that he had had a good day because his class had had a substitute teacher.

“Oh yeah? What did you like about your teacher.” I said with great enthusiasm.

“We did art.”

“Oooo, art. I can’t wait to see it! What was your substitute teacher’s name? Do you remember?”

“Moe Fudgy.” He answered.

The name stuck, and to this day, 25 years later, his nickname is still Moe Fudgy.

Moe’s dad and I left Denver and moved up to Boulder which is where I continued my formal education at the University of Colorado. I started a job with Boulder Community Hospital and while on shift one day, I met the man who would become my youngest son’s daddy. Lelo was a nurse and had popped into my patient’s room to do a vitals check. Eventually, he and I married and had a son, who goes by Messy Tom. I call him Messy Tom because after he came home from school one day, I’d asked him what he had for lunch.

“I can’t remember, but I think it was something like a Messy Tom.” He said – meaning a Sloppy Joe. Bless. Messy Tom. I loved it.

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