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Chapter 2, A Wee Brief History of Me pt 2

Continued from 5 August 2020

Cripple Creek, Colorado

The following is an excerpt from my memoir Saturation~

Peggy started verbalizing that she was there to replace my “terrible” Mother who had, since our arrive to Colorado, moved to California. I resented Peggy – loudly. The older I got the more she nitpicked and tried to control me. I rebelled and escaped through cycling, reading and writing. Dad never interfered. Sometimes, when she and I argued about my mother, Dad would agree with Peggy’s assessment of her – even comparing me to my mother on occasion and it was never a compliment. I resented that too and felt confused by it at the same time. I was in the 7th grade and felt miserable. How could I be just like my mother when I was only 13?

The summer before I entered 8th grade, Dad took a job as a Money Manger in Denver, so we left the high mountains of Cripple Creek. My mountain school had contained all grades, K – 12, in a single building and housed about 250 students. My new school was a Junior High School that housed nearly a thousand students in just 7th and 8th grades. I went into immediate culture shock. The boys at my new school found me interesting and the girls found me threatening. I was a mountain girl; much more interested in blueprint magazines for houses than any fashion magazine. I didn’t spend my time doing my hair, it did it’s own thing flowing behind me as I tore across town on my bicycle. I didn’t spend time doing my nails, I was too busy reading books. I didn’t own makeup and I really didn’t have much of anything in common with the girls in my classes. I didn’t own skirts or dress shoes or purses or even a training bra. I wore tennis shoes or boots with blue jeans and t-shirts.

Junior High School

To be continued …

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