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Busted – Again pt 4

Continued from 4 Aug 2020

The following is an excerpt from my memoir Saturation.

“You need to hang up your phone now.” One of the cops said.

“I’m talking to my dad.” I explained.

“I know you are. I can hear you. But I’m not supposed to let you use your phone. You can call your dad when we get downtown.”

“Oh, yeah? Okay.” I didn’t want him to get in trouble.

“Dad? The cop says I have to hang up now. I’ll call you later, okay?”

“Okay. Hang in there, Jenny. Call me when you can.”

Chapter 2

A Wee Brief History of Me

I was born in Laguna Beach, California way way way back in 1969. My parents and I moved to Denver, Colorado when I was two. They divorced when I was four and my sister, Charlotte, was one. Mom won custody and started drinking. Dad married a second time to a woman named Peggy when I was six. When I was eight, our newly married father took our mother to court, fought for custody and won.

When I was nine, our Mother kidnapped us and took us to her parent’s house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dad’s parents lived in Tulsa too and one day, about six months after we’d arrived, Dad had his father kidnap us back. Though this was an exceptionally emotional event for me and my maternal grandparents, they still helped my other grandfather because they knew their daughter needed mental help. Charlotte and I were pulled out of school and put on a plane. We didn’t get to say goodbye to any of our new friends or our mother.

I resented that.

While my sister and I had been living in Tulsa, Dad and Peggy had moved from Denver to Cripple Creek, a small mountain town 45 miles west of Colorado Springs. Dad had taken a job there as the president of a gold mine. At first, Peggy was agreeable enough and managed her new job as our step-mother with some class, considering she didn’t have any kids of her own. But soon after Charlotte and I moved in, Peggy got pregnant. Once our brother, Jester, was born her attitude towards us, especially me, changed.

(To be continued…)

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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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