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Everything’s Weird Now, So I Guess I’ll Just Drink.

A lot of folks who used to be normal drinkers have lost their jobs due to the Corona Virus. With no job to occupy their days and with many services closed, a lot of drinkers have turned up the volume on their alcohol consumption. Drinking has become a new pastime.

While alcohol blankets the stress of our new way of living, drinking it has become something to do. This is not good.

I’m a member on a recovery forum that is lighting up like Christmas with posts from new members whose drinking has gone downhill since the pandemic hit. A lot of folks are carrying the load of numerous stressors and unanswered questions: where is the next job, where is the next paycheck, the kids are driving me nuts, my spouse is driving me nuts, the bills are piling up, everything is closed, there’s nowhere to go, there’s nothing to do!!! (Insert scream here)

It’s all but logical that a drinker would start drinking more now. Alcohol – at least temporarily – makes us feel better. Isn’t it interesting that of all the services that have closed – most liquor stores have remained open? Huh. Go figure …

Unfortunately, all common sense flies out the window once we’re intoxicated and we start doing things we probably wouldn’t do if we were sober. We drive. We drunk dial. Some of us get unreasonably angry at the slightest things. Others get weepy or overly gregarious. We bump into stuff. We fall down. We curse when we don’t normally use swear words. We can become unapproachable, argumentative, and we can’t walk or talk straight.

For those of you struggling with your sobriety during this challenging time, I implore you to step back from your beverage and look at the bigger picture. Yes, we’re in the midst of a Pandemic. I consider it a challenge to employ my creativity, my compassion, and my flexibility.

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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