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Busted – Again pt 2

Continued from 2 August 2020

The following is an excerpt from my book, Saturation.

I was well aware of the irony in feeling that I was escaping something monumental as I sat handcuffed in the back of a police car on my way to jail for the 2nd time in just over a month. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, my alcohol-induced anesthesia prevented me from fearing my destination. I had absolutely no idea what I was about to go through. I’d spent only nine hours in the tank the 1st time Dick had me arrested five weeks earlier. Had I known what I was in for this time, I most certainly wouldn’t have been so appreciative for the escort.

(I must add this here… I had completely forgotten that my ex husband had me arrested once before. Oh Lordy. What I hot mess I was.)

I sat comfortably in the back seat of the police car, Indian style, and cracked the knuckles in my toes. I remembered that some police cars have a little plastic half-wall that divides the front from the back seats. This car had a metal fence type of divider that I decided was more personable and intimate…

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I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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