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Get UP!

Sometimes, hiding under the covers is the best and only way to get through withdrawal. Instead of binging on alcohol or your drug of choice, try binging on a new or your favorite TV show to help you through to the sober side. Regardless – the only way out of withdrawal is through it. Postponing withdrawal by drinking does just that – it forces you to acknowledge that they’re not going anywherethey’re just waiting for you.

Now – all that said (written), if you’ve gone through withdrawal and you’re just feeling lazy and unmotivated – get UP. Go tidy your house, take a shower, clean the cat box, wash your sheets, drink a glass of juice, pet your animal(s), call someone just to say hello, vacuum or sweep, and open a window for some fresh air. Because here’s the thing – getting up and doing something is not going to make you feel any worse – or better. Except psychologically, which counts. Knowing that you’ve done something even though you feel like shit somehow makes you feel better about yourself. You can go lay back down again when you’re done and say to yourself, “Yeah, I feel like hell and I still managed to behave like a decent human being. Go ME!”

Move it soldier!!


Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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