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Okay! I’m Motivated!

Anyone struggle with a lack of motivation? Ever put stuff off or delay doing something simply because – you don’t want to do it?

Someone recently brought this experience to my attention and it’s really got me thinking about how easy it is – when I don’t feel motivated to do something – to talk myself out of it. Whatever it is. Going to the gym. The store. Stopping drinking. Taking the kids to the park. Making dinner. Doing laundry. Cleaning the cat box. Picking up the lint I’m looking at on the chair next to me. Ad infinitum.

And putting whatever IT is off and procrastinating only makes doing it more annoying because the idea that it needs to be done lingers in the back of my head. And it’s persistent. Can anyone relate?

What is it about not having any motivation that makes tackling the situation so freakin’ monumental? Whatever IT is certainly doesn’t become less necessary or valuable just because we don’t want to do it. And it might even become more valuable and necessary because we don’t want to do it.

Oh, the agony of just thinking about it.

Feeling motivated seems to be the go to feeling for some of us when it seems that – instead – without motivation – that’s the BEST time to tackle whatever it is. Because the reward is soooo much sweeter. I can then say, “YEAH. I did it. I REALLY didn’t want to do it. I had NO motivation, but I did it anyway.” And then I can feel proud.

Is pride the feeling that comes after doing something I don’t want to do but do anyway? Is it relief? Both?

Hm …

Published by Jennifer

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