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When Do You Get Out?

I’m reminded that it can be as hard for a loved one to walk away from an addict as it can be for the addict to walk away from their drug of choice. And for the record, an alcoholic IS an addict. Alcohol is a drug.

So the answer to the title is, and always has been, NOW. You know when you’ve had enough, and I’m speaking to the addict and their loved ones (family and friends). The voice of doubt that pops up in the addict and in the nonaddict that says, “But first I need to – yada yada this or that.” No. Nip it. Zip it. Shh. Stop talking. Nope. Hush. Thurbtt. No, you don’t need to do anything but save yourself. Sanity and health need to be your only goals. Sanity and health need to be priority 1.

Fully grasping that monumental epiphany escapes many people, addicts and nonaddicts, until the damage has already been done. But the hurricane of addiction does not have to destroy everyone in its’ path. Screw the weather forecaster that comments on when the winds will finally calm down. Get the hell out of the storm, pronto!

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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