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Will You Be Here Tomorrow?

I feel safe making the blanket statement that none of us are getting any younger. I also feel safe making the blanket statement that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

Something I notice in the behavior and words of others is that, in general, they seem to not realize that they could just plop over – dead – at any moment. Weird stuff happens to people every day.

I’ll be 51 if I make it to my next birthday this upcoming October and I didn’t really grasp the value of life before my 50th birthday and I didn’t stop drinking until after that. But now that I no longer drink or take life for granted, I can’t help but find myself on that train called “Woman!! You literally gave up 20 years of your life! Gone! Poof! Not cool!” Sometimes it’s hard to believe I made it through to the other side. Now that I’m over here – I do everything that I love – in moderation.

I exercise
I eat
I eat fatting stuff like french fries – because they’re delicious & I love them
I drink strawberry milkshakes
I love assertively
I enjoy nature
I read
I write
I speak my opinion
I let small stuff —–> GO
I (try to) pay attention to details (though sometimes they elude me. Hey, I’m working on it.)

I remind myself that I can be whisked off this planet anytime. And then I ask myself – what’s the next important thing I need/want to do. And then I do it. And that’s how I live today. And I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow – all while I don’t drink alcohol.

What about you?

Published by Jennifer

I've finally found my happy place in sobriety. Yay! Go Me!

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