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Is it Important to Experiment With Drugs?

Unless it’s in there and I can’t see it – cigarettes should be in that picture.

My immediate “Go To” answer to the question of my post is a resounding YES. Then, when I think about the question for a bit, my answer is still, YES. I say Yes because I place great value on personal 1st hand knowledge. I wrote this same idea on a different platform this morning and I’m running into some great debate on the subject, which isn’t a surprise because those of us in recovery have very valid and strong opinions on the issue. Of course, everyone who’s replied to my comments in the other forum so far are coming from a place of recovery (a safe assumption since the title of the room is ‘Recovery’). What this suggests is that they’re also coming from a place of fear.

I’ve never met a recovering addict that had good things to say about their experience being an addict.

I commented that many of us in Recovery are not only coming from a place of 1st hand experience, we’re also coming from a place of fear because – our drug of choice wound up nearly killing us. I’ve never experienced any kind of emotional, psychological or physical pain that can compete with the agony of withdrawal. That said – anyone who never tries a drug will never have any personal 1st hand experience or knowledge. Why is this valuable? Because knowing greatly expands one’s life view.

Are some people utterly satisfied without having ever tried a drug in their lifetime? I’m sure, YES. They are. I can hear someone saying, “Yo. I’ve never tired one drug, don’t care to and I’m just fine.” And that IS fine. It’s also ignorant.

I mentioned in a previous post on this platform that I tried LSD and Cocaine back in the day and that neither drug did much for me. They didn’t do what I liked – which was to feel mellowed out. Alcohol did for me what the others didn’t. And possibly due to a collection of circumstances in addition to an addictive personality, I managed to turn a social activity into a necessary, daily ritual. Over time I had to drink every day if I didn’t want to experience withdrawal.

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